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Draft Electoral Roll And Draft Postal Voters List For The National Assembly Elections 2018: Issued For Public Inspection And Filing Of Claims And Objections

The Election Commission of Bhutan as required under Section 112 and 113 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2008 and Section 4.1 of the Postal Ballots Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2018, is pleased to notify the public that the Draft Electoral Roll and Draft Postal Voters List for the National Assembly Elections 2018 is hereby being issued for public inspection and filing of Claims and Objections.

The Draft Electoral Roll and Draft Postal Voters List can be viewed in the respective Dzongkhag Electoral Office, the Election Commission’s Head office in Kawangjangsa (Democracy House) or at the Election Commission’s website

All eligible voters are invited to verify and ensure that you are included in the Electoral Roll and the Postal Voters’ List and your details correctly reflected in it. A Claim (i.e corrections against wrongful or non-entry of one’s information in the Electoral Roll) and/or an Objection (i.e objecting to someone who has been wrongfully included in the Electoral Roll) if any, must be reported to the respective Dzongkhag Electoral Office from 3rd to 12th of August 2018.

The Forms for submission of Claims and/or Objections are available at the Election Commission Head Office, Dzongkhag Electoral Offices and the Election Commission website.For further information please contact:

Tashi Dorji
Department of Electoral Registration and Delimitation
Mobile Phone No: 17612229
Namgay Tshering
Postal Ballot Unit for NA Elections 2018
Mobile Phone No: 17115352
Toll Free No. 2008

Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan


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